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Rhian Astley


My name is Rhian, and I was born in Wales, UK. I come from a little quaint village of Cwmtwrch nestled in the heart of the Swansea Valleys. Currently, I am based in Sydney, Australia, where my professional endeavours are centred around the aquatic and medical industry. This career path has offered me the opportunity to work in diverse locations such as Greece, the UAE, and now Australia. 

Photography holds a special place in my heart as both a passion and a hobby. In 2014, I acquired my first DSLR camera, embarking on a journey of continuous learning and skill development by immersing myself in photography tutorials and resources. the onset of the Covid lockdown in 2020 provided me with the dedicated time to hone my photography skills and explore new creative avenues. 

Venturing out with my camera for hours on end, capturing moments and scenes, has become a source of solace and relaxation for me. despite only resonating with a select few images out of the multitude captured, the process remains a fulfilling and therapeutic pursuit. my photography interests are eclectic, as i find joy in capturing a diverse range of subjects and scenes. 

Embracing a philosophy of unrestricted exploration in photography, I eschew limitations on genre or style, allowing my creativity to flourish. through this platform, i am delighted to share my photographic journey with you, inviting you to partake in my passion and creativity. 

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